TENS Therapy in the Home: What You Should Know About the Home TENS Unit

tens therapy in the home

Electrotherapy is an amazing tool for pain relief, muscle recovery, and more. Today it is finally beginning to get the recognition it deserves after years off of the radar. The truth is that electrotherapy has been around for not only decades, but centuries. Its various forms and methods of application have evolved from something as primitive as placing an electric fish on one’s head. Fortunately, electrotherapy is a little more flexible these days. And don’t worry—the best home TENS unit has nothing to do with sticking a sea creature anywhere near your head.

What Has Changed About Electrotherapy?

So what has changed about electrotherapy between then and now that makes it safe for individuals to use? The short answer is that electrotherapy units were finally made to be used safely by the average person. Medical professionals such as chiropractors or physical therapists have been using TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) for years on their patients. It has proven to make a difference in chronic and acute pain time and time again. But the TENS units that these offices were using were made for professionals, not just anyone. Modern pioneers in electrotherapy began to understand that the best TENS unit for home use would be one that was made foolproof.

Professional Level TENS Units vs. TENS Units for Home Use

The best home TENS unit is one that’s intuitive and safe, but strong enough to be effective. One problem that kept these professional-level units from being right for home use was their manual settings. Everything from the intensity of the electric pulses to their pattern was set individually. With the best home TENS unit, there exists multiple pre-sets that will guide the user in finding what works for them. These settings will also protect the user from setting the intensity too high. It’s like the difference between using a fully manual film camera versus a point and shoot digital camera. The point and shoot helps you make the most out of your pictures by setting aperture, ISO, and focus for you.

TENS/EMS therapy at home

Best Features of TENS Units for Home Use

The best TENS EMS unit for home use is also portable and versatile. It’s made to be worn on the go, or hands-free. Pain doesn’t mind your schedule, so it will show up any time. If you’re equipped with the best home TENS unit out there, you can be ready to treat your pain naturally and immediately no matter where you are. Some of the very best TENS units for home use are small enough to fit in a purse or a pocket. They’re easy and convenient to bring on errands or longer trips.Personal TENS units - small, powerful and portable!

Why are TENS Units for Home Use so Important?

But why is having access to a good TENS home unit so important? Because when you have control over when and where you receive TENS therapy, you have control over your own pain and the prevention of such. You won’t have to rely on over-the-counter pain killers to hold you over until you can make it to a professional for help. TENS therapy in the home is easier than ever with portable, powerful, and safe TENS home units. Take advantage of this developing therapy and take control over your pain and recovery.



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