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First there was the boombox. Then there was the walkman. Next came the discman. And after that, the iPod. And now, the newest wave of technology seems to be turning to wearables. People can now control their iTunes playlist on their iPhone through their Apple Watch. Bluetooth makes remote connectivity possible, while voice commands allow hands-free control. Technology has come a long, long way in the last few decades.

Advancements in Wearable Technology

To understand what drives the further developments of technology, one can look at what makes wearables so desirable to begin with. It seems that America only grows busier and busier. There is always news to read, new movies, books or music to enjoy. Most people have a commute to and from work each day—especially city dwellers. Things like downloadable music, podcasts and digital audiobooks have made it possible for the busiest of Americans to stay entertained and informed throughout the hustle of each day. Wearables make it easier to take all of this in while on-the-go.

Fitbit, Technology, and Health

Likewise, one of the latest wearable tech fads, the Fitband, has given users a way to track their health and exercise on-the-go. It’s hard to find time to work out, to stay healthy, or to take care of oneself in general. Technology evolves by anticipating user needs, and one thing that everyone values is health and longevity. Fitness and medical technology are developing right alongside the popular tech geared towards entertainment and information. In recent years, consumers have come to appreciate devices like the Fitbit or smartphone apps that track workouts, diets and weight loss.

So if you can get portable entertainment and portable fitness programs, why shouldn’t you be able to get portable therapy? We find ourselves thankful for a podcast on our phones when we’re stuck on the subway or in traffic on the highway. Technology anticipated our want for entertainment on-the-go. But pain is with us on-the-go just as much as boredom. Face it—pain doesn’t wait for us to get home. Isn’t it about time someone provided portable pain therapy?

iReliev® Seeks to Lead the Way in Wearable Pain Relief

Enter iReliev®. At iReliev® we seek to lead the way in wearable pain relief therapy, specifically electrotherapy. Electrotherapy has been pursued by inventors for decades as a natural, drug-free way to treat pain. This type of therapy was only available through spinal implants in the mid-20th century. Think of that early development as the boombox of electrotherapy.

Today, iReliev® has developed portable Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) devices which offer two distinct types of beneficial therapy. TENS is a natural pain treatment that can be used as often as needed and worn on the go. EMS is equally as portable, and targets things like muscle growth and recovery. Both have been clinically supported for years as natural, drug-free ways to treat pain and increase muscle strength and conditioning. Our newest product offers unbeatable convenience and pain relief in the form of a wireless TENS Unit.

PlayMakar Wearable Wireless Therapy

And now, iReliev® has taken portable electrotherapy to the next level. iReliev® delivers a prescription equivalent TENS + EMS combination device which offers these two distinct types of beneficial therapy through an easy-to-use wireless and untethered experience. We firmly believe that the all-new iReliev® PlayMakar TENS + EMS is the simplest device on the market, free from the hassles of wires or set up that is typical of other portable devices. Consider the iReliev® PlayMakar to be the Apple Watch of electrotherapy.


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